Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 6

A leopard never changes his spots...

6.11.2522 – 9.11.2522

Black Daddy sat upon a bone throne flanked by two short and hunched advisers in black hooded robes. Forrester did his best to play to Black Daddy’s ego but the gang boss was intent on killing him until one of his lieutenants delivered a message to him. Black Daddy laughed, The Treasurer had been seen in Altdorf and they knew where he was, Forrester had been loyal all along and Black Daddy decided to raise him to the rank of Lieutenant (the first non Southland Lieutenant in the history of the gang) if he accepted ascension and killed the treasurer tonight . Forrester on the other hand had no idea, by some sheer stroke of luck the Treasurer had been spotted and Black Daddy wasn’t going to kill him, he was going to make him Lieutenant! Finally, all the power he had dreamed of was in his grasp! He’d gladly take up arms against the Cult of Ranald even if it meant killing that whingey prude Arman Schutzstaffel. Black Daddy poured a handful of grounded warpstone in Forrester’s hands (given to him by his advises) and told him to ingest it, Forrester agreed and felt the power surge inside of him.

Meanwhile Levi was at Gastonnes house talking business arrangements with Herschel as Gastonne was disgusted at the mount of cocaine the pair was snorting. The pair continued for a good portion of the night until they were interrupted by the Black Boys breaking down the front door. Herschell laughed as he revealed that he had worked out that Levi was the treasurer shortly after he disappeared and know that Levi was back in town it was time he got on the good side of Black Daddy. Levi had loaded his pistol prior to meeting and took a shot at Herschell and missed, Gastonne rushed to the room and confronted Herschell saying he was a fool to bring the Black Boys here and Herschell attacked him. Levi drew his dagger and stabbed Herschell and Gastonne lead him through a trap door and down to the sewers to make their escape, the Black Boys hot on their heels.

While running through the sewers the pair were confronted by more Black Boys with Forrester at their lead, Forrester worked out that Levi was the treasurer all along and chose to kill him. Levi, knowing that his end was near, laughed and said it was he who killed Yvonne Melski. Suddenly Forrester’s mind was teleported elsewhere and he was back in the dream he had weeks ago. The brave warrior was still reaching out for him and all Forrester had to do was reach back, he could feel a great power welling from within and if he could only touch the warrior he would unlock it. Forrester clasped arms and the warrior smiled back with yellow pointed teeth. The warrior then proceeded to shift before his very eyes and what leered back at him was no longer human but a bloodletter of Khorne.

The fabric of time and space shattered before his very eyes and his concious hung high above a realm of fire and bronze. A great deamon, larger than he had ever seen sat atop a throne of skulls and before him stood thousands of warriors chanting “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Throne of Khorne” and at the bloodthirster’s feet he could see himself. He was taller and stronger than he had ever been, his skin was bronze and as hard as granite, his eyes were red with an internal fire and great black horns grew from his skull, “This could be you Forrester” said the bloodletter beside him, “If you only accept Khorne’s gift” and Forrester replied by willingly giving his heart and soul to the blood god.

Forrester was returned to his body and he went into a frenzy, chasing Levi through the sewers and out in the street before beheading him with a single blow and bathing in his blood.

Arman recovered from his wounds sustained to him by Casper Frenderich. Over the night the Cult of Ranald recovered Breda’s body from it’s torment and Arman attended the funeral in the morning. Most of the attendees where cult members but there was a few there he didn’t recognise (Herbert Lumpe and Sasha Van der Hausen). Kathrin Noller approached Arman afterwards and gave him a task, since he was due to be trained as an initiate under Albert Potz Kathrin decided Arman was ready for a greater responsibilities with the war on the Black Boys. Kathrin asked Arman to investigate monster sightings and missing people in the east end districts, Arman had heard the rumours before but had dismissed them as gang violence. Kathrin gave Arman a flier put out by a Dr Shulze (which Arman had seen before in the Frowning Fop) detailing a reward for sightings or the capturing of the beast.

Arman returned to Ralph’s inn and asked the whereabouts of Levi and Forrester. Ralph said he hadn’t seen them and Forrester missed his shift last night he was even more surprised to find out Yvonne Melski had been killed as he had seen her only three days earlier at Forrester’s fight (which was also the last time he had seen Lev and Forrester).

Arman visited Dr Shulze who figured out Arman was working for the Cult of Ranald. Dr Shulze supported the cult and showed him the bodies of the monster victims (which he had gained by hiring “specialised gentlemen” to “acquire them from their previous locale” ) which numered 8 in total. The majority of the bodies had been either crushed or gored and were missing their internal organs similar to what would happen when a wild animal feasts upon a carcass. Dr Shulze said there was one survivor however he was crazy and was afraid of him and his nurses (mainly because Dr Shulze liked to beat the insane patients with his belt for the fun of it) and he asked Arman to question him. Arman questioned the man and eventually the man confessed to seeing it near the open sewers in the Dreckslack Slums.

Arman relayed this information and Dr Shulze who offered for one of his workers by the name of Jens Voigt to accompany him in retrieving the monster.



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