Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 5

The traitor revealed

4.11.2522 – 6.11.2522

Arman’s Story

Casper Frenderich had gathered conclusive evidence against Nathaniel Spieler that he was the traitor. He gathered Arman and several other priests and laid a trap for Nathaniel. The group swiftly killed Nathaniel without questioning him, Arman thought that was odd but knew better than to question his superiors. The next day when delivered a message to Albert Potz who offered him tutelage in the ways of Ranald, Arman accepted as it was his life long dream of becoming a priest but Kathrin Noller would not teach him the aspect of the night prowler, Albert said Arman would be better suited to aspect of the Rogue as “not everyone is as fit as young Kathrin” he said with a chuckle.

Arman later met with Kathrin who sent him on an errand to deliver a message outside the city in one of the Ranald priest’s safe meeting outside of the city. Arman arrived there was was greeted by Casper and a group of Thugs. Casper said in Arman’s possession was the location of every priest of Ranald within the city and that Black Daddy would pay him well, he also laughed and said he was the traitor and all Arman had been doing this entire time was ratting out snitches in the Black Boys organisation and that they now hand next to the body of Breda in the Sindelfingen district. Casper was looking to replace the Priests of Ranald with his new order. He couldn’t see why Ranald should waist time on the poor and should only take for themselvesn, this way they would be as rich as kings because of it. Casper offered to take Arman in as his pupil, the first initiate under the High Priest of the New Cult of Ranald.

Before Arman could decline a rift opened beside him and Kathrin Noller, three Ranald battle priests and a Grey Wizard stepped out and fought the traitor and his minions. Both Arman and Kathrin were gravely wounded in the battle, Kathrin even losing an ear thanks to Casper’s lightning martial skills but they brought the villian down in the end and took him in for questioning. Kathrin promised the next night they would finally recover Breda’s body from it’s torment as with the traitor removed the priests of Ranald could move freely throughout the city without getting captured and killed.

Levi’s Story

It was the morning after Levi had poisoned Yvonne Melski and he was keen on visiting the inn and seeing if his dose was lethal. He had chosen a blend of nightshade and man-bane, one that would react slowly and leave no evidence and it had cost him a small fortune, now it was time to see if it was worth it. His plan was for Yvonne to die in the early morning while the pair was asleep and to have Forrester wake up to his dead partner, knowing full well what an idiot Forrester was he would call the guards and they would question him. Forrester was notoriously shady and always comes across and violent and stupid and he hoped the guards would blame him and arrest the fool. He would get his revenge for Ulrike’s death and the last of his pursuers lives in one final stroke, cold comfort for the love of his life was dead but revenge was a dish best served cold.

Levi talked to Ralph and found out his planned had worked perfectly. Forrester’s inconsistent and aggressive manner had led the guards to arrest him on suspicion of murder but that wasn’t enough, he needed to drive the blade home to make sure the thug was destined to get the chopping block. He disguised himself as a beggar and visited the watch station, he pretended to be a friend of Yvonne and defamed Forrester’s character. He said he was violent and that Yvonne was terrified of him, he also said the Forrester liked to hit her too and that if she’d leave him he’d kill her.

On his way home he bumped into Herschel, an old business acquaintance of his. In the past Levi would forge invoices in the various business he worked for and would pilfer shipments and sell it to Herschel and his business partner Gastonne. Levi said he was now in the position to do that again and Herschel invited him over to the office (which was Gastone’s home in the Bankberzeit).

Today was a good day.

Forrester’s Story

Forrester did not enjoy his time in jail, unlike last time he didn’t kill everyone in his cell. The guards leered at him but Forrester kept his rage in check, he knew the guards had it in for him and he didn’t kill Yvonne, she was fine last night. How did the best thing which had happened to him in two years wake up dead in his arms? Who did it? She was clearly poisoned, Forrester had seen this before but who would do it?

Forrester’s misery worsened when a prisoner was thrown into the cell beside him. Unfortunately for Forrester this man was once of the men who raped him earlier in the month, the man spent the next day or so taunting Forrester and a suggestive and visual manner. Later that day a guard came and said he was released. Curley along with four gang members were waiting for him, they were to take him to Black Daddy. Forrester realised this was it, Black Daddy knew he was back, knew he had failed and now Black Daddy was going to kill him. He tried to persuade Curley to let him go but Curley was afraid of what might happen, Black Daddy’s wrath was legendary and his own men were terrified of him.

Curley took him to the Black Boys headquarters in the Dreckslack Slums. Mustafa, a Southland Lieutenant dragged Forrester through the under tombs of the headquarters and threw Forrester to the feet of Black Daddy himself.

End Session



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