Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 4

With friends like these.....

29.10.2522 – 3.11.2522

A knock at the door awoke the Shutzstaffel family, Arman answered it and was greeted by Kathrin Noller. Kathrin regretfully informed him that late last night that his girlfriend Breda was killed by gang members of the Black Boys. The gang had stripped and mutilated and nailed her body to the statue of Sigmar in the Sindelfingen district and have posted guards, Kathrin believed this to be a trap, should the Ranlad priests attempt to remove her they would be caught out in the open and slaughtered. Kathrin said it would be best if he avoided the place all together until the traitor was caught and they could safely attack without the chance of defeat. When asked if she knew who killed her she did not know, only that witnesses claimed they were Black Boys men under the command of Bumbtwe Gudaffe.

Forrester was feeling pleased with himself that morning, believing that Bubmtwe would leave him alone for a while he fenced the ring he recovered off the woman for a hefty sum and spent the day with Yvonne, attempting to calm her down from the previous nights events. Levi worked for Colonel Schnitzel and Arman gathered information for Casper. Casper believed the traitor to be Nathaniel Spieler, a minor priest of Ranald in the Suderich district. Arman was to deliver a message to Nathaniel and track the messenger which Nathaniel sent out in return, he did this over a period of several days revealing a series of potential informants, one of them was even a Black Boy gang member himself.

The night after Forrester killed Breda he boasted about “killing some bitch”, Arman was immediately suspicious, knowing Forrester’s Black Boy connections. Forrester told him to relax then Arman told him his girlfriend was killed by gang members and that they nailed her to a statue of Sigmar Forrester put two and two together and hastily changed the subject. Levi questioned Forrester about his time in the Black Boys and why did they meet him in Hemperbrook and he said he was on some mission for Black Daddy and that he had to capture some guy known as The Treasurer. Forrester didn’t know what he looked like, the two bounty hunters he went with did bet they were killed, one by the Treasurer himself in Nuln and the other in the mutant riots in Middenheim (See the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim”) he was on his way back to report his failure but took his time as he knew Black Daddy would kill those who failed him. No-one noticed Levi’s expression darken upon hearing this news.

Levi waited the days until his fiancee Ulrike returned. On the day she was due back there was knock at the door. Levi was greeted by a priest of Ranald by the name of Kathrin Noller Kathrin informed Levi and Herbert that Ulrike was never volunteering for the cult of Shallya and for the past three years was training under her as an initiate of Ranald. She told them that several days ago Ulrike was killed by the Black Boys and that they have not been able to recover her body as they are holding it as a ransom of sorts. Levi recalled Forrester and Arman’s conversation earlier in the week and seethed with rage. Ulrike was Breda, Arman’s girlfriend and she was killed by Forrester. Levi left the house and prepared his revenge.

Several days later Forrester had his next fight. Arman, Clarimond and Alfonse (Some of Arman’s brothers and sisters), yvonne, and Levi went and watched the fight. Levi slipped a lethal dose of slow acting poison into Yvonne’s drink and the group split up and went to their respective lodgings after Forrester’s win. The next morning Forrester woke up beside Yvonne and to his horror found her dead. He called the watch and they questioned him, and after some non convincing and sketchy answers from the grievous man he was promptly arrested for suspicion of murder and thrown into jail.



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