Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 11

The thief and the devil...

14.11.2522 – 14.11.2522

The party waited at the forces of Ranald’s meeting spot and watched their allies arrive. Watchmen from throughout the city (who were disobeying orders and wanted to kick the teeth in of the gang which had paid out half the city), mercenaries, thieves, priests of Ranald, Ulric, Sigmar, Myrmidia, Shallya and elements of the grey order answered Kathrin calls to arms and the chief Lieutenants discussed the battle plans.

The plan was three fold with the allied forces split into three groups. Group one which was comprised of the forces of the Watch, Ulric, Myrmidia, Sigmar, mercanaries and other heavy hitters, their objective was to fight the bulk of the battle down the middle and to be the allied forces anchor, Kathrin Noller was their commander.

Group two was to be comprised of the forces of Ranald, half of the grey order and thief volunteers split into two companies, company A led by battle priest Liam, company B led by battle priest Andrea of Ranald. Their objective was to skirmish with the enemy before battle and guard group ones flanks as they took the bulk of the fighting. The party was assigned to group two company A.

Group three was a reserve force led by Bruno Poelger which would be comprised of mercenaries and the rest of the grey order. Their objective was to bolster the main force if they were failing or if they were succeeding, to infiltrate behind enemy lines via Grey order magic and attack from the rear.

The final non combative element was the priests of Shallya who would be pulling wounded from the battlefield on both sides and attending to their wounds.

The count for the forces of Ranald were one hundred and twenty men, Al’Mualim (the Black Boy turncoat) estimated the Black Boys forces to be about the same. The priests of the assembled religions gave their gods blessing to their men and together as one the forces of the thief marched to battle against the forces of the devil.

The Sindelfingen district was all but deserted. Citizens hurried indoors when they saw the forces of Ranald march, shutters were locked and the homeless huddled alone in alleys. The assembled forces reached the statue of Sigmar and met the champion of Khorne, Forrester Gruhn and his assembled Black Boys. Forrester had changed drastically since Arman had seen him last. The man had grown another foot placing him well over seven feet, he was stripped to his waist, his muscles emphasised in the light of the sunset and his skin was slowly mutating, turning into a texture and hardness not akin to granite. Upon his head grew a set of giant horns to put the most impressive Gor to shame and is eyes were a deep red, he was the very definition of terror incarnate.

Forrester wasted no time and set his men in a head long charge with himself at the lead, brushing aside the Ranald skirmishers to get his hands on the leader of Ranald in the centre line, Kathrin Noller. The party was fighting hard on the flanks – Gunter was hiding, Jens swinging wildly, Arman was shooting blindly while Erika was killing with a practised efficiency.

At this stage the battle had been raging for over twentty minutes and the square of Sigmar was red with blood, although Forrester was not able to destroy Ranald’s leader Khorne would be pleased with his offerings, whether he was victorious or not. After dispatching some weak mercenaries with his blood encrusted halberd he spied a wiry figure across the battlefield and grinned maliciously, “Arman!!! Khorne awaits!” he called out and charged.

Arman turned to see his old companion charging with his weapon high and panicked, yelling at his party to divert their attentions while missing wildly with a bolt from his crossbow. Jens moved forward meekly, Gunter hid even further and Erika moved in front of Arman to block Forrester’s charge while loosing a shot which lodged in Forrester’s shoulder, surprisingly to little effect.

Bolts and arrows poured into Forrester as he charged but he didn’t falter and Jens timidly readied his shield to fight the Khornate champion in close combat, and to his suprise (and shameful relief) Forrester charged right by him and into the source of his wounds, Erika. With a mighty blow Forrester punched Erika so hard in the stomach that she was lifted into the air and with his other arm he connected a viscous blow to her head, sending the thief and war veteran sprawling across the cobblestones and into unconsciousness.

A thief nearby charged into Forrester but was suitably disembowelled by Forrester’s weapon and the champion turned to Arman with a vile grin, taunting the Ranald messenger with unrestrained bloodlust. Jens was too panicked to move, Gunter pulled his cloak over his head in an attempt not to get noticed (Gunter believed his cloak had magical powers of concealment, in reality it did not), Erika was unconscious and Arman fumbled with his crossbow but it was all too late. With a viscous swing Forrester took the head off Arman’s shoulders and blood sprayed like a fountain from his twisting corpse.

A sharp pain pierced through Forrester’s chest, he looked down to find he had been ran through. Jens backed off instantly, leaving his sword in Khorne’s champion and Forrester dropped to his knees. Gunter grabbed his quarter staff and with a pronounced thwack bashed Forrester on the head sending him to the ground. Jens and Gunter watched him slowly die alongside the corpse of his former friend, the battle dying around them as the Black Boys realised their leader was slain.

Forrester’s time was fading, he could feel his lifeblood leaking on the streets of Altdorf and his strength failing him. He would be dead soon. He looked at the corpse of Arman and felt no regret, no regret for killing Levi Schleck, no regret for killing Breda Humpingfingen and no regret for the death of his former employers and the countless others he had killed over the past years. Khorne would be pleased, blood had been spilt, heads had been taken and now he could finally offer his blood to his blood god, his skull to the throne of Khorne.

With that thought he breathed out and could breath in no longer. Forrester Gruhn – thug, pit fighter and champion of Khorne died with a smile on his face.

End Adventure.



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