Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 10

An old friend, a new enemy...

11.11.2522 – 14.11.1522

With Scritch Scritch and his pet rat ogre Boneclaw dead at their feet the party turned their attention on the storm vermin engaged with Andrea’s thieves. Erika and Gunter fought from range while Arman and Jens engaged close. Jens was already and bad shape from his battle with Boneclaw as his shield a twisted pile of scrap and he had already sustained several serious wounds. The battle was a close one, luck and timely shots by Erika and Gunter saved the servant turned adventurer.

After the battle Arman discussed the situation with Liam and after releasing the human prisoners they found some a large amount of blast powder, enough to cave in the Skaven lair. The thieves gathered their dead and injured and helped the prisoners out through the sewers and Liam blew the charges.

The party left Jens at a Shallyan ward while Arman and Gunter reported to Kathrin Noller , Kathrin paid them 30 silver each and told them to be available in the next few days for the next step in taking back the east end districts from Black Daddy.

The party rested and re-equipped the next two days. Erika purchased a short sword, some decent clothes (rather than the baggy rags given ot her by the Shallyans), and leather armour. Gunter bought some new shoes so he could look stylish (but didn’t want to admit it) and they spent the nights sleeping at Jen’s apartment in the Docks district.

Arman’s summons came on the morning of the third day, he brought Gunter along and met Kathrin at the pre determined location and upon arrival he was met with quite the suprise.
Assembled before him was a war council containing Kathrin, Albert Potz Bruno Poelger (Gunter’s master), a Black Boy Lieutenant named Al’Mualim and some other priests. Kathrin invited Arman and Gunter to sit and observe the meeting.

The plan was to assault the Black Boys fotress in the Dreckslack Slums and kill Black Daddy himself. Al’Mualim, a turncoat and Ranald informant said that the Black Boys were weakened as many were disheartened when finding out the secret alliance between Black Daddy and the Skaven. The plan was to make a diversionary assault from the front while Bruno and his grey wizards sneaked a smaller party into a secret entrance to through the sewers to kill Black Daddy, severing their leadership and causing the gang to surrender.

The group discussed this at length before a messenger carrying two blood soaked bags entered the room and talked to Kathrin. Kathrin asked to see what was in the bag and the messenger pulled out two human heads and dumped them unceremoniously on the table before them and to the shock of everyone at the table they were the heads of Bumbtwe Gudaffe and Black Daddy himself.

The table descended into chaos, shouting and arguing at each other before this turn of events until Kathrin found the following note stuffed inside Black Daddy’s mouth

The slave of the changer of ways is no more. I lead this band now. No more ratmen, no more skulking in shadows. Only glorious battle as my god wills it. Meet us at the statue of Sigmar in Sindelfingen at Sunset. We shall settle with only death, only slaughter., only violence, Your men vs my men! Thief vs Devil. Victory matters not only that blood shall flow, we have reached our eternal heaven have you?. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the throne of Khorne!

Dread filled Arman, he knew Forrester well as a former party member and more recently the killer of his girlfriend Breda Humpingfingen. Arman had not seen Forrester for over a week, along with the other party member Levi Schleck, it seemed that Forrester hadn’t changed at all and now he was back with a vengeance. Arman told the assembled group of his connections with Forrester and they discussed the challenge thrown down by the new leader of the Black Boys and champion of Khorne.

Some were for it some where against but ultimately as the elected leader of Ranald’s defence Kathrin said the would meet Forrester’s challenge and it was decided. At sunset tonight the forces of Ranald and the Black Boys would meet in battle in the streets of Altdorf.

End Session.



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