Citizens of the Empire

Sweet Marrow - Session 2

Fire in the disco...

22.12.2522 – 23.12.2522

The party were trapped. Roland, having the only source of light available explored the surrounding room but to no avail. Gunter however noticed a slight breeze and the party eventually found a small window which opened up ground level.

The window was only largest enough for a skinny child to get through but fortunately for the group they had Gunter Bieber ready at hand. Gunter climbed his way up but fell back on Jens and Roland who were less than impressed. Erika whom was busy trying to contort her wrists out of her constraints stopped what she was doing and gave Gunter some “hostile encouragement” from which Gunter than succeeded and rolled his way out of the cellar and onto the grass adjacent to the house.

He did it! Gunter was free but now he needed to save his friends, he was not always a coward and would prove to his companions that he was in fact useful by saving their lives. Jens passed him the meat cleaver and Gunter cast a cantrip which increased his night vision which would give him the edge for when he came across the cannibalistic townsfolk. The apprentice edged his way across the side of the manor and to a locked window, not discouraged he moved along the side of the house until he found an open window with a light. Gunter moved up on it and excitement and a large fat scruffy man appeared at the windowsill and Gunter locked up and stood as still as he could, his heart in his throat.

The man looked right at Gunter for a second and his view shifted, he hadn’t been seen. The man promptly pulled his johnson out and began to urinate out the window, much to the chagrin of the unseen grey wizard. Bladder empty the man returned inside and Gunter listened in from the window, he could here to people talking.

Meanwhile back in the cellar Erika had freed herself from the manacles via dislocating her wrists and after popping them back in (a little trick she learned in Wurtbad) she set about trying to smash the manacles of Jens and Roland with a loose stone they had found earlier.

Gunter moved up on the other side of the house and up onto the porch, the two men inside were musing over which one they would eat first and the big fat bloke agreed the “skinny kid” looked the tastiest, Gunter swore under his breath that the fat man would be first to die. The apprentice looked into an open window and into a waiting room adjacent to that of the men. He could here them quite clearly now and they were obviously intoxicated, secure in the knowledge that their prisoners were still chained and asleep form there poisoning.

Suddenly Gunter heard a noise, the crunching of feet on a dirt path, someone was coming up to the manor house! Gunter rolled off the porch and into the shadows and waited. [[:paul kroeger]] made his way up the path, whistling a merry tune and carrying a large jug of alcohol. Gunters eyes narrowed, he’d have loved to get his hands around that fat neck but didn’t risk detection. Gunter’s manacles were still bound tightly around his wrists and even in his state of constant bravado he knew he would be swiftly dealt with if it came to a fair fight, besides since the rest of the party wasn’t around Gunter could be as terrified as he wanted, no-one to impress here other than himself.

Paul went inside and Gunter jumped back on the porch to listen in the conversation. Paul talked to his guards about the prisoners and congratulated the men, he also said the prime pickings were they young boy and that they should start making preparations on him for tomorrows feast. Paul then gave the men a jug of strong drink for a job well done and exited the cabin whistling loudly to himself while Gunter watched alone, hidden deep in the shadows.

Gunter listened into the two men talk and heard the sound of the heavy bottle hit the table. Gunter smiled, sooner or later one of them had to come out here for a piss and when they did he would have a nice surprise for them.

The wizard didn’t have to wait long and sure enough the large fat man stumbled outside and began fumbling with his trousers, now was his chance! Gunter sneaked up to the fat man, pulled his hair back and ran his meat cleaver across his neck. The townsman slumped to the ground gurgling loudly, his lifeblood spilling into the earth. Gunter paused, looked back to the manor and waited to see if he had been heard, after a short pause apparently not.

Gunter couldn’t believe it! He killed someone straight out, clearly he was not as wimpy and shit as everyone said he was…to bad the rest of the party didn’t see him do it. The manor was on a hill just at the edge of the town, he could clearly see that most of the town’s population were still at the inn, no doubt celebrating their new catch, no-one would come up here anytime soon and that suited Gunter just fine. The apprentice checked the pockets of the townsman and found nothing, he then placed his hand the townsman head, gathered the grey winds of magic and assumed the townsman’s form.

Gunter checked himself for faults and was alarmed to find himself with a pair of female breasts but the man was fat after all, maybe no-one would notice? After spending a short amount of time playing with them he jumped to action, he didn’t have much time in this form so he had to move fast. While under the guise of townsman he entered the manor and began talking with the other townsman.

They had a brief chat about people in the village and Gunter played along, finally suggesting that they check on the prisoners. The other townsman agreed and grabbed the keys off the bench and headed down first, Gunter grabbed the townsman’s club off the table and began to raise it. The other townsman turned around and Gunter lowered the club, the other guy said he was acting odd then looked straight at Gunnter, had he been found out? He fast talked a response again the guy said that Gunter had knocked over the beer. Gunter’s heart rate dropped by 20 beats a second and he breathed a silent sigh of relief.

The townsman turned back around and headed down the stairs, Gunter following with the club. The man lifted the wooden bar holding the door in check, confident that the party members were either still restrained or unconscious, he then opened the door and was met with quite the surprise. Gunter had struck him the back of the head with the club, at the same time Roland and Jens punched him in the head and the townsman fell dead to floor, his skull crushed.

The rest of the party had managed to free themselves from the restraints, Gunter used the keys and unlocked the manacles around their wrists and they decided on a plan of action. The party needed their equipment back, they couldn’t escape the village with no armour or weapons, the Drakwald would make as short work of them as the townsfolk would the next morning so they sneaked their way down to where they presumed their equipment was stored, the town blacksmith.

Their trip was unnoticed, the towns populace where still indeed at the inn and making a lot of noise about it as well. Gunter listened into one of the windows and heard the blacksmith snoring loudly, if they were to move about his store in the dark they would need to do it quietly. The group found a latched window which opened to the store Erika unlocked it and she and Gunter climbed inside while Roland and Jens kept watch.

The group searched as quietly as they could in the darkness, Erika was still suffering from schlaff poisoning and combined with the pitch black darkness she was practically useless but still the pair of them recovered a good portion of their belongings.

Between the two of them the group had recovered the party’s gold, Rolands halberd, several daggers (some of them theirs), Jen’s short bow (on loan to Erika), six arrows, Jen’s chain mail and shield, Gunter’s staff, and a hand axe whom they gave o Jens. The party were missing a lot of stuff, chiefly Roland and Erika’s leather armor, Erika’s short sword and both of Jen’s.

The party were ready to book it out of the village but Jens in a rare state of malevolence wanted to burn the inn down with the villagers inside, he said that if they didn’t they would capture and kill more people. Erika just wanted them dead but if Jens put a reason to it that was good enough for her.

The party gathered up some wooden bars, ropes and torches. They checked the sides of the inn and found some oil lanterns and a large bail of hay. While the townsfolk reveled in their success the party spread the hay about the inn, tied the doors closed with ropes and each took to guarding an edge of the inn. Erika took the front, Jens the back and Roland and Gunter the two sides and on Jens’s command they through the oil lanterns inside the crowded building, lit the hay spread about the outsides of the building and threw the torches in afterward igniting the split lighter fluid.

The inn ignited in a flash and black smoke bellowed from the open windows. Those who tried to climb out were met with the blades of the Pc’s and the villagers were desperate. The flood of panicked bodies was beginning to be too much for the group to hold, Roland and Jens were doing alright but Gunter had ran at the first sight of danger and Erika was fighting off the townsmen whom were not in the inn and losing fast against superior numbers.

Roland, abandoned his position as he heard Erika’s cry for help and steeled his nerves and charged. Erika was surrounded by four townsman and the blacksmith who was wielding a great axe (presumably pilfer off a previous victim) and was bleeding badly.

While most of the villagers were fleeing a few stuck around to exact revenge on their families killers and Erika, normally more then a match for backward country folk, had no amour, no proper sword and (like Roland and Jens) still suffering from the Schlaff poisoning and her light was fading fast.

Roland charged the villagers and hacked one apart, the villagers arm flying back inside the raging inferno that was Sweet Marrow’s inn. Gunter had ran at the first sight of trouble but was being suitably chased by several large and angry farmers, he decided to book it to Jens so he could save him. Jens was surrounded by a few spindly villagers who were trying to buy time for there families to escape, he saw Gunter ran by bringing two more villagers for him to deal with. Jens, forever frustrated with Gunter’s cowardice called to Gunter to stand firm or he’d kill him himself, Gunter obeyed, Sweet Marrow had changed Jens and he was nowhere near as kind as he used to be.

Jens fought the group with ease, although he was poisoned he was fully equipped and even outnumbered two to one he fought them of with suprising efficiency. Even the normally useless Gunter stood firm and brought a villager down via magic dart.

Meanwhile at the front of the inn the blacksmith had brought Erika down with a viscous swing of his great axe and was taking Roland on head on. Roland fought down two villagers but the blacksmith was a capable fighter and combined with the lack of armor and schlaff poisoning he was not faring well. The blacksmith swung heavily, with it’s axe crashing into Roland’s side and Roland replied in earnest, the point of his halberd riving deep into his chest but still the blacksmith was still standing strong. The balance was even until Content Not Found: paul-kroger emerged from the inn, his hair singed and his arms and face severely burnt, murder written plainly for all to see in his eyes. He charged Roland, stepping over the unconscious Erika and that was distraction enough for the blacksmith to deal a viscous blow which took Roland off his feet, his halberd falling beyond arms reach.

Jens dispatched the last of the villagers and looked to find Roland at the side of the inn and when he wasn’t there he feared the worst. The servant rushed around the side of the burning building and out the front and onto a scene of destruction. Over a dozen townsmen and women lay dead by the porch with a dozen more burning and screaming inside, the Blacksmith stood above Roland, repeatedly bashing his unconscious form with the hilt of his axe while Paul Kroeger had Erika restrained with his arm and was raising a knife to her throat. Jens rushed forward and plunged his axe into the blacksmith’s head, killing him instantly. Paul Kroeger backed up and taunted the party, saying of they approached he’d kill “this bitch”, in the process he didn’t see Gunter appear behind him. Gunter launched a series of grey ethereal darts into Paul’s back taking large chunks form his meaty form.

The town mayor dropped to his knees releasing Erika and dropped face first in the dirt. Paul looked up in hate and dismay and cursed the party with all his hate filled soul and with that the mayor of Sweet Marrow lay dead in the street while his townsfolk burned around him.

End Adventure



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