Citizens of the Empire

Sweet Marrow - Session 2
Fire in the disco...

22.12.2522 – 23.12.2522

The party were trapped. Roland, having the only source of light available explored the surrounding room but to no avail. Gunter however noticed a slight breeze and the party eventually found a small window which opened up ground level.

The window was only largest enough for a skinny child to get through but fortunately for the group they had Gunter Bieber ready at hand. Gunter climbed his way up but fell back on Jens and Roland who were less than impressed. Erika whom was busy trying to contort her wrists out of her constraints stopped what she was doing and gave Gunter some “hostile encouragement” from which Gunter than succeeded and rolled his way out of the cellar and onto the grass adjacent to the house.

He did it! Gunter was free but now he needed to save his friends, he was not always a coward and would prove to his companions that he was in fact useful by saving their lives. Jens passed him the meat cleaver and Gunter cast a cantrip which increased his night vision which would give him the edge for when he came across the cannibalistic townsfolk. The apprentice edged his way across the side of the manor and to a locked window, not discouraged he moved along the side of the house until he found an open window with a light. Gunter moved up on it and excitement and a large fat scruffy man appeared at the windowsill and Gunter locked up and stood as still as he could, his heart in his throat.

The man looked right at Gunter for a second and his view shifted, he hadn’t been seen. The man promptly pulled his johnson out and began to urinate out the window, much to the chagrin of the unseen grey wizard. Bladder empty the man returned inside and Gunter listened in from the window, he could here to people talking.

Meanwhile back in the cellar Erika had freed herself from the manacles via dislocating her wrists and after popping them back in (a little trick she learned in Wurtbad) she set about trying to smash the manacles of Jens and Roland with a loose stone they had found earlier.

Gunter moved up on the other side of the house and up onto the porch, the two men inside were musing over which one they would eat first and the big fat bloke agreed the “skinny kid” looked the tastiest, Gunter swore under his breath that the fat man would be first to die. The apprentice looked into an open window and into a waiting room adjacent to that of the men. He could here them quite clearly now and they were obviously intoxicated, secure in the knowledge that their prisoners were still chained and asleep form there poisoning.

Suddenly Gunter heard a noise, the crunching of feet on a dirt path, someone was coming up to the manor house! Gunter rolled off the porch and into the shadows and waited. [[:paul kroeger]] made his way up the path, whistling a merry tune and carrying a large jug of alcohol. Gunters eyes narrowed, he’d have loved to get his hands around that fat neck but didn’t risk detection. Gunter’s manacles were still bound tightly around his wrists and even in his state of constant bravado he knew he would be swiftly dealt with if it came to a fair fight, besides since the rest of the party wasn’t around Gunter could be as terrified as he wanted, no-one to impress here other than himself.

Paul went inside and Gunter jumped back on the porch to listen in the conversation. Paul talked to his guards about the prisoners and congratulated the men, he also said the prime pickings were they young boy and that they should start making preparations on him for tomorrows feast. Paul then gave the men a jug of strong drink for a job well done and exited the cabin whistling loudly to himself while Gunter watched alone, hidden deep in the shadows.

Gunter listened into the two men talk and heard the sound of the heavy bottle hit the table. Gunter smiled, sooner or later one of them had to come out here for a piss and when they did he would have a nice surprise for them.

The wizard didn’t have to wait long and sure enough the large fat man stumbled outside and began fumbling with his trousers, now was his chance! Gunter sneaked up to the fat man, pulled his hair back and ran his meat cleaver across his neck. The townsman slumped to the ground gurgling loudly, his lifeblood spilling into the earth. Gunter paused, looked back to the manor and waited to see if he had been heard, after a short pause apparently not.

Gunter couldn’t believe it! He killed someone straight out, clearly he was not as wimpy and shit as everyone said he was…to bad the rest of the party didn’t see him do it. The manor was on a hill just at the edge of the town, he could clearly see that most of the town’s population were still at the inn, no doubt celebrating their new catch, no-one would come up here anytime soon and that suited Gunter just fine. The apprentice checked the pockets of the townsman and found nothing, he then placed his hand the townsman head, gathered the grey winds of magic and assumed the townsman’s form.

Gunter checked himself for faults and was alarmed to find himself with a pair of female breasts but the man was fat after all, maybe no-one would notice? After spending a short amount of time playing with them he jumped to action, he didn’t have much time in this form so he had to move fast. While under the guise of townsman he entered the manor and began talking with the other townsman.

They had a brief chat about people in the village and Gunter played along, finally suggesting that they check on the prisoners. The other townsman agreed and grabbed the keys off the bench and headed down first, Gunter grabbed the townsman’s club off the table and began to raise it. The other townsman turned around and Gunter lowered the club, the other guy said he was acting odd then looked straight at Gunnter, had he been found out? He fast talked a response again the guy said that Gunter had knocked over the beer. Gunter’s heart rate dropped by 20 beats a second and he breathed a silent sigh of relief.

The townsman turned back around and headed down the stairs, Gunter following with the club. The man lifted the wooden bar holding the door in check, confident that the party members were either still restrained or unconscious, he then opened the door and was met with quite the surprise. Gunter had struck him the back of the head with the club, at the same time Roland and Jens punched him in the head and the townsman fell dead to floor, his skull crushed.

The rest of the party had managed to free themselves from the restraints, Gunter used the keys and unlocked the manacles around their wrists and they decided on a plan of action. The party needed their equipment back, they couldn’t escape the village with no armour or weapons, the Drakwald would make as short work of them as the townsfolk would the next morning so they sneaked their way down to where they presumed their equipment was stored, the town blacksmith.

Their trip was unnoticed, the towns populace where still indeed at the inn and making a lot of noise about it as well. Gunter listened into one of the windows and heard the blacksmith snoring loudly, if they were to move about his store in the dark they would need to do it quietly. The group found a latched window which opened to the store Erika unlocked it and she and Gunter climbed inside while Roland and Jens kept watch.

The group searched as quietly as they could in the darkness, Erika was still suffering from schlaff poisoning and combined with the pitch black darkness she was practically useless but still the pair of them recovered a good portion of their belongings.

Between the two of them the group had recovered the party’s gold, Rolands halberd, several daggers (some of them theirs), Jen’s short bow (on loan to Erika), six arrows, Jen’s chain mail and shield, Gunter’s staff, and a hand axe whom they gave o Jens. The party were missing a lot of stuff, chiefly Roland and Erika’s leather armor, Erika’s short sword and both of Jen’s.

The party were ready to book it out of the village but Jens in a rare state of malevolence wanted to burn the inn down with the villagers inside, he said that if they didn’t they would capture and kill more people. Erika just wanted them dead but if Jens put a reason to it that was good enough for her.

The party gathered up some wooden bars, ropes and torches. They checked the sides of the inn and found some oil lanterns and a large bail of hay. While the townsfolk reveled in their success the party spread the hay about the inn, tied the doors closed with ropes and each took to guarding an edge of the inn. Erika took the front, Jens the back and Roland and Gunter the two sides and on Jens’s command they through the oil lanterns inside the crowded building, lit the hay spread about the outsides of the building and threw the torches in afterward igniting the split lighter fluid.

The inn ignited in a flash and black smoke bellowed from the open windows. Those who tried to climb out were met with the blades of the Pc’s and the villagers were desperate. The flood of panicked bodies was beginning to be too much for the group to hold, Roland and Jens were doing alright but Gunter had ran at the first sight of danger and Erika was fighting off the townsmen whom were not in the inn and losing fast against superior numbers.

Roland, abandoned his position as he heard Erika’s cry for help and steeled his nerves and charged. Erika was surrounded by four townsman and the blacksmith who was wielding a great axe (presumably pilfer off a previous victim) and was bleeding badly.

While most of the villagers were fleeing a few stuck around to exact revenge on their families killers and Erika, normally more then a match for backward country folk, had no amour, no proper sword and (like Roland and Jens) still suffering from the Schlaff poisoning and her light was fading fast.

Roland charged the villagers and hacked one apart, the villagers arm flying back inside the raging inferno that was Sweet Marrow’s inn. Gunter had ran at the first sight of trouble but was being suitably chased by several large and angry farmers, he decided to book it to Jens so he could save him. Jens was surrounded by a few spindly villagers who were trying to buy time for there families to escape, he saw Gunter ran by bringing two more villagers for him to deal with. Jens, forever frustrated with Gunter’s cowardice called to Gunter to stand firm or he’d kill him himself, Gunter obeyed, Sweet Marrow had changed Jens and he was nowhere near as kind as he used to be.

Jens fought the group with ease, although he was poisoned he was fully equipped and even outnumbered two to one he fought them of with suprising efficiency. Even the normally useless Gunter stood firm and brought a villager down via magic dart.

Meanwhile at the front of the inn the blacksmith had brought Erika down with a viscous swing of his great axe and was taking Roland on head on. Roland fought down two villagers but the blacksmith was a capable fighter and combined with the lack of armor and schlaff poisoning he was not faring well. The blacksmith swung heavily, with it’s axe crashing into Roland’s side and Roland replied in earnest, the point of his halberd riving deep into his chest but still the blacksmith was still standing strong. The balance was even until Content Not Found: paul-kroger emerged from the inn, his hair singed and his arms and face severely burnt, murder written plainly for all to see in his eyes. He charged Roland, stepping over the unconscious Erika and that was distraction enough for the blacksmith to deal a viscous blow which took Roland off his feet, his halberd falling beyond arms reach.

Jens dispatched the last of the villagers and looked to find Roland at the side of the inn and when he wasn’t there he feared the worst. The servant rushed around the side of the burning building and out the front and onto a scene of destruction. Over a dozen townsmen and women lay dead by the porch with a dozen more burning and screaming inside, the Blacksmith stood above Roland, repeatedly bashing his unconscious form with the hilt of his axe while Paul Kroeger had Erika restrained with his arm and was raising a knife to her throat. Jens rushed forward and plunged his axe into the blacksmith’s head, killing him instantly. Paul Kroeger backed up and taunted the party, saying of they approached he’d kill “this bitch”, in the process he didn’t see Gunter appear behind him. Gunter launched a series of grey ethereal darts into Paul’s back taking large chunks form his meaty form.

The town mayor dropped to his knees releasing Erika and dropped face first in the dirt. Paul looked up in hate and dismay and cursed the party with all his hate filled soul and with that the mayor of Sweet Marrow lay dead in the street while his townsfolk burned around him.

End Adventure

Sweet Marrow - Session 1
Hungry hospitality...

17.12.2522 – 22.12.2522

The party was lost, beastly lost. They were supposed to be heading to Middenheim, only a day or two through the Drakwald said the inhabits of Pritzstock. Gunter, apparently now a master guide, boasted to the party that he knew a back road through the forest (in reality Gunter had never been in a forest in his entire life, or even left Altdorf) the party, although hesitant, foolishly believed the self confident grey wizard and heeded his “wisdom”.

Several days later they found themselves desperately following back roads in an attempt to get back onto the highway. They had spent the nights staying at various tiny farming communities, palisaded and guarded by wearied eyed militia men. Each night they had to convince the occupants of the hamlets that they were not bandits and it was a hard sell indeed for who else in their right mind wandered around heavily this far in the Drakwald? They dreaded the thought of a night camped outside, unfortunately for them they were not able to convince a set of occupants who turned them away from their palisade at crossbow point.

They were forced to spend that night huddled in a fireless camp site, taking turns on watch to make sure they weren’t assaulted in their sleep. The following morning they were attacked by a group of beastmen in which they were forced to defend against. They once again set out along a back road where they ran into a travelling merchant by the name of Engelbert Lancier. After Englebert deduced that they party were not bandits he let them browse his wares, no-one was that fussed on his materials but Erika bought herself some snares to catch rabbits with.

The party noted Englebert’s excessive entourage of mercenaries and he replied saying that a lot of travellers have gone missing along the road as of late. The party was being eyed off by a skinny, weedy looking rogue under Englebert’s command but chose not to rise to his taunts (this was in fact ex party member Theophilus Glaser , he didn’t know anyone in the current group but used to heckle everyone he came across anyway) and they asked the merchant how far they were from the road.

Engelbert said they were around two days from the Altdorf-Middenheim road and that there was a nearby town by the name of Sweet Marrow that they could stay at, the party were relieved that they could stay somewhere safe for the night and bid the eccentric merchant fair well.

The party arrive at Sweet Marrow and were greeted with open arms and friendly smiles, welcome relief from the nominally hostile natives of the Drakwald, even more surprising the town didn’t even have a palisade, as if it was a little heaven on earth. Sweet Marrow were holding a festival to honour Taal and Rhya and were overjoyed that they had guests, the town turned out in their fullest to greet their new found friends.

They were promptly greeted by Paul Kroeger, the town mayor and were shown the town’s smithy, the mayor keen to get some currency running through the town. The Smithy was amazing, they had a huge variety of goods available with a huge emphasis on weapons and armour, their collection’s range rivalled that of a big city Blacksmith, not a country blacksmith who fitted horse shoes for a community of under fifty. Jen’s was so impressed he bought a fine quality longsword. The party noticed a dilapidated manor on a hill overlooking the village, when Paul was questioned about it he said it was haunted and that people stayed away from it. When Paul was asked about the high quality goods in the blacksmith he just smiled and said the smithy was the pride of the town, when questioned about the lack of defences he smiled and said they didn’t need it, community spirit kept the Beastmen away. When he was questioned on why everyone was happy he smilingly replied, “Where always happy at Sweet Marrow, especially when we meet new friends”.

Paul offered the group free accommodation as honoured guests at the local inn and the party agreed. The drinks were fast and free and it wasn’t long before the party were getting tanked, dinner was a hearty and rich meat stew followed up by some spicy Bretonian wine, all on the house.

The party continued to drink late into the night put Gunter stopped early, much to the protest of their friendly hosts. Later in the night the group excluding Gunter became heavily fatigued, there eyes became weepy and red rimmed and they started to slur their speech far more than what was normal for intoxication. Gunter, who didn’t partake in the last few drinks knew what had occurred, they had been poisoned! The young grey wizard played along with his hosts and mimicked his fellow party members condition as not to draw attention too themselves.

The group excused themselves and the owner of the establishment showed them to their separate rooms, Gunter protested saying that he was “afraid of the dark” (Gunter is a spindly meek looking teenager) and wished to sleep in the same room as Erika. The innkeeper shrugged and agreed and showed him to his room.

The inkeeper closed the door and Gunter who was finally out of earshot went to inform Erika of what happened but the thief collapsed on the floor comatose, the full effects of the poison sinking in. Gunter decided to stay in the room, if he disappeared he’d cause alarm amongst the townsfolk and they might do something to his friends so he decided to stay put and fake it, that way the townsfolk would assume he was poisoned as well and Gunter would gain the advantage of surprise when the time was right.

Later that night the townsfolk came for the party, they stripped their weapons and armour and took them to the manor in the hill and chained them too the ground in a dark basement. Gunter had managed to feign illness and he began to chip away at the stone holding the chain with a dagger he had smuggled on his person. The cellar was pitch black and Gunter couldn’t even see past his nose, yet still he chipped and chipped away in a desperate attempt to stay alive.

Erika awoke but was heavily groggy and unable to form a complete sentence. Roland awoke after an hour and heard Gunter chipping away, Gunter filled him in on the details and the huge man, despite significant fatigue from the poison, lifted himself up and with a mighty heave pulled the iron chain from it’s support and into freedom. Gunter listened with his mouth agape, he’d been at this for an hour and Roland gets up and in thirty seconds he was free?!

Roland’s hands were still cuffed in iron manacles but he was free too investigate the room, he stumbled over to Gunter and unsuccessfully attempted to free him. Gunter was no convinced he was going to be down here forever and fell into a panic attack. Roland moved to free Erika but only managed to accidently grope her breats. Erika was not impressed.

The ex soldier then stumbled about the foul smelling room in search of an exit. In the process he managed to fall into a pile of body parts, run into some human carcasses hanging on meat hooks and a sausage making machine. Eventually he found a butchers table and a cleaver and shortly after found a large cellar door, unfortunately it was barred on the other side. Roland returned and freed Erika, in the process he fell backwards and onto the cleaver he had found, opening a viscous wound in his abdomen and dripping even more to the sticky red ichor floor.

Jens awoke and freed himself and Erika helped Gunter get free. Roland found a candle and Gunter cast a cantrip to light it and with illumination the group could get a visual on their surroundings. The room was made from cold grey stone, the floor was spatted with coagulated blood and various human corpses, male, female, adult and child hung from meat hooks. The corner of the room contained a pile of discarded limbs which Roland had fallen into earlier.

One section of the room contained a sausage maker with some freshly made salami ready for curing and the wall contained manacles in which to chain their victims for later use. The party had found themselves trapped in a butcher house of horrors and they were the next meal!

End Session.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 11
The thief and the devil...

14.11.2522 – 14.11.2522

The party waited at the forces of Ranald’s meeting spot and watched their allies arrive. Watchmen from throughout the city (who were disobeying orders and wanted to kick the teeth in of the gang which had paid out half the city), mercenaries, thieves, priests of Ranald, Ulric, Sigmar, Myrmidia, Shallya and elements of the grey order answered Kathrin calls to arms and the chief Lieutenants discussed the battle plans.

The plan was three fold with the allied forces split into three groups. Group one which was comprised of the forces of the Watch, Ulric, Myrmidia, Sigmar, mercanaries and other heavy hitters, their objective was to fight the bulk of the battle down the middle and to be the allied forces anchor, Kathrin Noller was their commander.

Group two was to be comprised of the forces of Ranald, half of the grey order and thief volunteers split into two companies, company A led by battle priest Liam, company B led by battle priest Andrea of Ranald. Their objective was to skirmish with the enemy before battle and guard group ones flanks as they took the bulk of the fighting. The party was assigned to group two company A.

Group three was a reserve force led by Bruno Poelger which would be comprised of mercenaries and the rest of the grey order. Their objective was to bolster the main force if they were failing or if they were succeeding, to infiltrate behind enemy lines via Grey order magic and attack from the rear.

The final non combative element was the priests of Shallya who would be pulling wounded from the battlefield on both sides and attending to their wounds.

The count for the forces of Ranald were one hundred and twenty men, Al’Mualim (the Black Boy turncoat) estimated the Black Boys forces to be about the same. The priests of the assembled religions gave their gods blessing to their men and together as one the forces of the thief marched to battle against the forces of the devil.

The Sindelfingen district was all but deserted. Citizens hurried indoors when they saw the forces of Ranald march, shutters were locked and the homeless huddled alone in alleys. The assembled forces reached the statue of Sigmar and met the champion of Khorne, Forrester Gruhn and his assembled Black Boys. Forrester had changed drastically since Arman had seen him last. The man had grown another foot placing him well over seven feet, he was stripped to his waist, his muscles emphasised in the light of the sunset and his skin was slowly mutating, turning into a texture and hardness not akin to granite. Upon his head grew a set of giant horns to put the most impressive Gor to shame and is eyes were a deep red, he was the very definition of terror incarnate.

Forrester wasted no time and set his men in a head long charge with himself at the lead, brushing aside the Ranald skirmishers to get his hands on the leader of Ranald in the centre line, Kathrin Noller. The party was fighting hard on the flanks – Gunter was hiding, Jens swinging wildly, Arman was shooting blindly while Erika was killing with a practised efficiency.

At this stage the battle had been raging for over twentty minutes and the square of Sigmar was red with blood, although Forrester was not able to destroy Ranald’s leader Khorne would be pleased with his offerings, whether he was victorious or not. After dispatching some weak mercenaries with his blood encrusted halberd he spied a wiry figure across the battlefield and grinned maliciously, “Arman!!! Khorne awaits!” he called out and charged.

Arman turned to see his old companion charging with his weapon high and panicked, yelling at his party to divert their attentions while missing wildly with a bolt from his crossbow. Jens moved forward meekly, Gunter hid even further and Erika moved in front of Arman to block Forrester’s charge while loosing a shot which lodged in Forrester’s shoulder, surprisingly to little effect.

Bolts and arrows poured into Forrester as he charged but he didn’t falter and Jens timidly readied his shield to fight the Khornate champion in close combat, and to his suprise (and shameful relief) Forrester charged right by him and into the source of his wounds, Erika. With a mighty blow Forrester punched Erika so hard in the stomach that she was lifted into the air and with his other arm he connected a viscous blow to her head, sending the thief and war veteran sprawling across the cobblestones and into unconsciousness.

A thief nearby charged into Forrester but was suitably disembowelled by Forrester’s weapon and the champion turned to Arman with a vile grin, taunting the Ranald messenger with unrestrained bloodlust. Jens was too panicked to move, Gunter pulled his cloak over his head in an attempt not to get noticed (Gunter believed his cloak had magical powers of concealment, in reality it did not), Erika was unconscious and Arman fumbled with his crossbow but it was all too late. With a viscous swing Forrester took the head off Arman’s shoulders and blood sprayed like a fountain from his twisting corpse.

A sharp pain pierced through Forrester’s chest, he looked down to find he had been ran through. Jens backed off instantly, leaving his sword in Khorne’s champion and Forrester dropped to his knees. Gunter grabbed his quarter staff and with a pronounced thwack bashed Forrester on the head sending him to the ground. Jens and Gunter watched him slowly die alongside the corpse of his former friend, the battle dying around them as the Black Boys realised their leader was slain.

Forrester’s time was fading, he could feel his lifeblood leaking on the streets of Altdorf and his strength failing him. He would be dead soon. He looked at the corpse of Arman and felt no regret, no regret for killing Levi Schleck, no regret for killing Breda Humpingfingen and no regret for the death of his former employers and the countless others he had killed over the past years. Khorne would be pleased, blood had been spilt, heads had been taken and now he could finally offer his blood to his blood god, his skull to the throne of Khorne.

With that thought he breathed out and could breath in no longer. Forrester Gruhn – thug, pit fighter and champion of Khorne died with a smile on his face.

End Adventure.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 10
An old friend, a new enemy...

11.11.2522 – 14.11.1522

With Scritch Scritch and his pet rat ogre Boneclaw dead at their feet the party turned their attention on the storm vermin engaged with Andrea’s thieves. Erika and Gunter fought from range while Arman and Jens engaged close. Jens was already and bad shape from his battle with Boneclaw as his shield a twisted pile of scrap and he had already sustained several serious wounds. The battle was a close one, luck and timely shots by Erika and Gunter saved the servant turned adventurer.

After the battle Arman discussed the situation with Liam and after releasing the human prisoners they found some a large amount of blast powder, enough to cave in the Skaven lair. The thieves gathered their dead and injured and helped the prisoners out through the sewers and Liam blew the charges.

The party left Jens at a Shallyan ward while Arman and Gunter reported to Kathrin Noller , Kathrin paid them 30 silver each and told them to be available in the next few days for the next step in taking back the east end districts from Black Daddy.

The party rested and re-equipped the next two days. Erika purchased a short sword, some decent clothes (rather than the baggy rags given ot her by the Shallyans), and leather armour. Gunter bought some new shoes so he could look stylish (but didn’t want to admit it) and they spent the nights sleeping at Jen’s apartment in the Docks district.

Arman’s summons came on the morning of the third day, he brought Gunter along and met Kathrin at the pre determined location and upon arrival he was met with quite the suprise.
Assembled before him was a war council containing Kathrin, Albert Potz Bruno Poelger (Gunter’s master), a Black Boy Lieutenant named Al’Mualim and some other priests. Kathrin invited Arman and Gunter to sit and observe the meeting.

The plan was to assault the Black Boys fotress in the Dreckslack Slums and kill Black Daddy himself. Al’Mualim, a turncoat and Ranald informant said that the Black Boys were weakened as many were disheartened when finding out the secret alliance between Black Daddy and the Skaven. The plan was to make a diversionary assault from the front while Bruno and his grey wizards sneaked a smaller party into a secret entrance to through the sewers to kill Black Daddy, severing their leadership and causing the gang to surrender.

The group discussed this at length before a messenger carrying two blood soaked bags entered the room and talked to Kathrin. Kathrin asked to see what was in the bag and the messenger pulled out two human heads and dumped them unceremoniously on the table before them and to the shock of everyone at the table they were the heads of Bumbtwe Gudaffe and Black Daddy himself.

The table descended into chaos, shouting and arguing at each other before this turn of events until Kathrin found the following note stuffed inside Black Daddy’s mouth

The slave of the changer of ways is no more. I lead this band now. No more ratmen, no more skulking in shadows. Only glorious battle as my god wills it. Meet us at the statue of Sigmar in Sindelfingen at Sunset. We shall settle with only death, only slaughter., only violence, Your men vs my men! Thief vs Devil. Victory matters not only that blood shall flow, we have reached our eternal heaven have you?. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the throne of Khorne!

Dread filled Arman, he knew Forrester well as a former party member and more recently the killer of his girlfriend Breda Humpingfingen. Arman had not seen Forrester for over a week, along with the other party member Levi Schleck, it seemed that Forrester hadn’t changed at all and now he was back with a vengeance. Arman told the assembled group of his connections with Forrester and they discussed the challenge thrown down by the new leader of the Black Boys and champion of Khorne.

Some were for it some where against but ultimately as the elected leader of Ranald’s defence Kathrin said the would meet Forrester’s challenge and it was decided. At sunset tonight the forces of Ranald and the Black Boys would meet in battle in the streets of Altdorf.

End Session.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 9
Of rats and men

11.11.2522 – 11.11.2522

The party fought hard through the clanrats whose ranks were boosted by the appearance of the Skaven’s chef from the nearby kitchen. The party then immediately scoped the surrounding rooms discovering a kitchen and armoury.

The kitchen was a scene of grotesque macabre, human bodies hung from flesh hooks and their severed heads were piled in the corner like some form of nonchalant waste disposal. Hundreds of rats had descended upon the pile eating eyes and noses and whatever delectables took their fancy, the party swiftly bolted the door lest the rat swarm fancy a fresher meal.

The group advanced into the next room and was met with what appeared to be a rat ogre preparation room. Hundreds of caged animals barked/hissed/growled at the dozens of Skaven slaves toiling endlessly to remove and prepare the animal parts for assembly. The number of ratmen in the room was too great for the party to deal with but fortunately battle priest Liam and his thieves launched their attack from a separate room into the ratmen’s flanks, taking the advantage of surprise.

The party entered the room, kicked over a table and began taking pot shots at the panicky slaves. The regular Skaven were trying their best to whip the unruly skaven into a fighting force but Arman launched the poison wind globe he had found earlier into the masses, causing panic and death by suffocation.

The party and the thieves reigned triumphant, slaughtering the Skaven to the last beast before moving together as a single force through the Skaven’s lair.

The next room contained the stuff of nightmares. Large cylindrical vats dominated the room containing dozens of malformed and developing rat ogres. Cruel machines hung off the walls while green electricity danced overhead. The north part of the room contained cages and cages of human captives who screamed and called out for the party to save them but there was obstacles in their way.

Pack master Scritch Scritch and his rat ogre Boneclaw laughed manically, more than pleased that their quarry had returned and that they had brought more friends to add to his collection. Amongst Scritch Scritch’s allies were a group of stormvermin, clanrats and Black Boys. The party expressed surprise at the fact that the Black Boys were working with the Skaven but as they began to question a group of Ranald thieves led by battle priest Andrea stormed the room from an alternate entrance evening the numbers.

Scritch Scritch saw his advantage slipping and ordered the charge, the Black Boys engaged Liam party, the stormvermin and clanrats engaged Andrea’s party and Scritch Scritch and Boneclaw took the party for themselves.

The party fought hard against ScritchScritch and his rat ogre. The ogre bounded his way across the room and by the time he engaged in combat with Jens he was a virtual pin cushion of arrows and magic bolts courtesy of Erica Arman and Gunter. The rat ogre tore Jens apart in a single blow but somehow the servant turned adventurer stood back up on shaky legs, beaten and bloody that he was he was determined to avenge his mentor Lindenberg Shulze and he refused to give up despite his grievous injuries. The rat ogre was put down by Erica via a timely arrow which saved Jens life and Scritch Scritch was put down soon after by Gunter as the packmaster was no threat without his pet beast.

End Session

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 8
An old hero departs, a new enters...

10.11.2522 – 11.11.2522

The Clan Eshin assassin confronted the party about the whereabouts of the Skaven body and when Dr Shulze replied it attacked. Gutter runners stormed the room and the party fought as hard as they could, eventually the assassin’s retreated after heavy losses but the damage was done. Dr Shulze died at the hands of the assassin and Jens fell into despair at the sight of his dead role model.

The skaven bodies began to dissolve, Gunter said it appeared to be some sort of alchemic reaction designed to reduce the trace of the creatures should they fail. They checked the wards and found the entire staff and patients lying in pools of blood, some still within their beds. The group decided that this was not a good place to remain less the Stasi return and take them into custody. Jens recovered Dr Shulze book on the Skaven (named “Children of the Horned Rat”) with the intention on learning more about the doctor’s killers.

Tensions were high at this point, Arman and Gunter belittled Jens for his adoration of the late doctor and Jens blamed his death on them, saying that before he met Arman everything was fine. Jens returned home, Gunter went to the Shallyans to attempt some treatment and Arman informed Kathrin Noller of the days events.

Kathrin told Arman that the strike team which was to seek out the Skaven lair was almost assembled and that it would be lead by Liam, one of the battle priests who assisted in the capture of Casper Frenderich.

Arman returned to the Shallyan ward, picked up Gunter and went to Jens house in the Docks. Jens was not impressed to see them again but deided to be civil, apologising for his behaviour earlier. The group shared a bottle of wine in Dr Shulze’s honour and Jens told them about the book. The book was in classical but had several strange and detailed pictures, Gunter however could read this and spent the rest of the night browsing it’s contents.

The next morning Kathrin Noller appeared on Arman’s doorstep and told him the strike team was assembled. Arman gathered his companions and met up with Liam and his party in the Reikerbahn. Arman was to lead Liam through the sewers beneath the slums to the point in which they were attacked and then the strie team was to split up into three groups and find the beat’s lair.

Arman lead them through the sewers and the groups split up, when Arman mentioned that splitting up was not a good idea Liam reminded him of his place. The party made their way through the sewers and eventually found a poison globe lying in the murk. The party didn’t know what it was but Gunter said he saw it in the book last night and that it was some type of weapon, Arman wrapped it in his cloak and the group continued searching.

Eventually the group came across the sewer jack who had escaped with them the previously. They were initially wary of her and she told them she was looking for the bodies of her friends, the watch had kicked her out of the sewer jacks and wrote off the patrol, saying that she was crazy and that they would not go looking for them. The Sewer Jack (who introduced herself as Erika) asked what they were doing down here and Arman informed them about the strike team. She decided to join as she doubted she could handle a ratmen ambush by herself and the new team eventually found the bolthole to the Skaven lair.

Erika borrowed Jen’s shortbow and the group descended into the depths. They came across a large dooor and Jens peeked through into what appeared to be some from of grotesque dining room. The party readied their weapons as Jens stepped first into the depths of the Skaven hold.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 7
The loathsome ratmen...

9.11.2522 – 10.11.2522

Arman and Jens headed back to Kathrin Noller. Arman relayed the information given to him by Bandric and asked for help in exploring the sewers in search of the creature which was plaguing the east end district. Kathrin volunteered the services of Gunter Bieber a young apprentice grey wizard who’s master had volunteered him to aid the cult in the turf war against the Black Boys. Arman was sceptical of the usefulness of the awkward boy but accepted his masters wishes.

Yens had spent the time purchasing his equipment and came away with a chain shirt, round shield and a sword. Satisfied that this what adventurers wore he returned to the group. The trio then made their way through the east end districts to the open sewers in the Dreckslack Slums and descended into the filth to search for the beast and eventually running afoul of some sewer jacks.

The sewer jacks demanded the party present their permits to be allowed legal access to the sewers but of course the group didn’t have any. Arman tried to his best to sweet talk their way out of it but to no avail and during the exchange Gunter heard movement about the two groups. Gunter warned them but he was too late and the group found themselves surrounded by sinister red eyed creatures hidden from view from their lanterns reach.

A voice taunted them from out in the darkness, it was a cross between a hiss and a squeak. The creature said they were too close to it’s lair and that the group had done the creature (who called itself Scritch Scritch) a favour. In coming here the party had provided the creature with slaves he didn’t have to go out and get himself. The creature then launched a horde of clanrats upon the group. The party fought hard and as they were besting their enemies Scritch Scritch unleashed a hideous beast upon the group. The rat ogre named Boneclaw tore into the beleaguered sewer jacks, killing one of them instantly. One of their number, a skinny young man in ill fiting clothes and a shaved head darted past Boneclaw and told the party to run. Arman gathered up one of the dead clanrats and the party booked it as fast as possible to the sewer exit with Boneclaw hot on their heals.

The party made it out of the sewers but straight into the clutches of a group of Black Boy thugs. The black boys approached slowly intent on bashing their victims slowly but Boneclaw launched itself from the sewers and attacked them thinking they were it’s quarry. The party slunk away from the insuring chaos but not before catching the eye of Scritch Scritch who had risen from the sewers and was attempting to subdue Boneclaw. Scritch Sritch ran his finger across his throat and pointed at the party and on that troubling site the group disappeared out of harms way.

The party wrapped up the body of the Skaven in Gunter’s robes and attempted to talk to the surviving sewer jack. Out of the gloom and in full view it was evident the skinny young man was actually a woman in ill fitting male clothes. Her hair was shaved and across her scalp ran a series of recent viscous scars. The party said they would get a reward for the body from Dr Shulze if she wanted it but the woman wouldn’t talk with the party as she was distraught at the loss of her companions. The woman said she was going to report this to the watch but would leave them out of it and then left the group.

The party then took the corpse of the Skaven to Dr Shulze who was somewhat morose and then optimistic upon the discovery. The Dr showed them dozens of witness reports, books and manuscripts which the Dr had compiled over the past year and told them of the grand conspiracy to keep Skaven underwraps and that he planned on blowing the lid on all of it. The Dr paid the group 40 silver each and told them to come back tomorrow night.

The next day Jens turned up to work for the Dr as he had done before. The Dr was surprised as he secretly was keen to get rid of him but allowed Jens to continue work at least until he left Altdorf. Later on in the day a sinister group of guards arrived dressed in black uniforms, they were the Stasi. The Stasi officer asked to see the Dr and Jens lead them through, he overheard shouting but could not hear the details and shortly after the Stasiman left with the body of the Skaven concealed in a bag. Jens asked the Dr what happened and he said they took his research and the body of the Skaven and threatened him with imprisonment if he “spread more rumours”.

Later that night the rest of the party arrived and the Dr explained what happened, he said he would not be intimidated and hsould he come across more Skaven he would gladly pay for any samples either alive or dead. They began discussing payment when the windows crashed in and several black clad Skaven filled the room, murder in their eyes.

End Session

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 6
A leopard never changes his spots...

6.11.2522 – 9.11.2522

Black Daddy sat upon a bone throne flanked by two short and hunched advisers in black hooded robes. Forrester did his best to play to Black Daddy’s ego but the gang boss was intent on killing him until one of his lieutenants delivered a message to him. Black Daddy laughed, The Treasurer had been seen in Altdorf and they knew where he was, Forrester had been loyal all along and Black Daddy decided to raise him to the rank of Lieutenant (the first non Southland Lieutenant in the history of the gang) if he accepted ascension and killed the treasurer tonight . Forrester on the other hand had no idea, by some sheer stroke of luck the Treasurer had been spotted and Black Daddy wasn’t going to kill him, he was going to make him Lieutenant! Finally, all the power he had dreamed of was in his grasp! He’d gladly take up arms against the Cult of Ranald even if it meant killing that whingey prude Arman Schutzstaffel. Black Daddy poured a handful of grounded warpstone in Forrester’s hands (given to him by his advises) and told him to ingest it, Forrester agreed and felt the power surge inside of him.

Meanwhile Levi was at Gastonnes house talking business arrangements with Herschel as Gastonne was disgusted at the mount of cocaine the pair was snorting. The pair continued for a good portion of the night until they were interrupted by the Black Boys breaking down the front door. Herschell laughed as he revealed that he had worked out that Levi was the treasurer shortly after he disappeared and know that Levi was back in town it was time he got on the good side of Black Daddy. Levi had loaded his pistol prior to meeting and took a shot at Herschell and missed, Gastonne rushed to the room and confronted Herschell saying he was a fool to bring the Black Boys here and Herschell attacked him. Levi drew his dagger and stabbed Herschell and Gastonne lead him through a trap door and down to the sewers to make their escape, the Black Boys hot on their heels.

While running through the sewers the pair were confronted by more Black Boys with Forrester at their lead, Forrester worked out that Levi was the treasurer all along and chose to kill him. Levi, knowing that his end was near, laughed and said it was he who killed Yvonne Melski. Suddenly Forrester’s mind was teleported elsewhere and he was back in the dream he had weeks ago. The brave warrior was still reaching out for him and all Forrester had to do was reach back, he could feel a great power welling from within and if he could only touch the warrior he would unlock it. Forrester clasped arms and the warrior smiled back with yellow pointed teeth. The warrior then proceeded to shift before his very eyes and what leered back at him was no longer human but a bloodletter of Khorne.

The fabric of time and space shattered before his very eyes and his concious hung high above a realm of fire and bronze. A great deamon, larger than he had ever seen sat atop a throne of skulls and before him stood thousands of warriors chanting “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Throne of Khorne” and at the bloodthirster’s feet he could see himself. He was taller and stronger than he had ever been, his skin was bronze and as hard as granite, his eyes were red with an internal fire and great black horns grew from his skull, “This could be you Forrester” said the bloodletter beside him, “If you only accept Khorne’s gift” and Forrester replied by willingly giving his heart and soul to the blood god.

Forrester was returned to his body and he went into a frenzy, chasing Levi through the sewers and out in the street before beheading him with a single blow and bathing in his blood.

Arman recovered from his wounds sustained to him by Casper Frenderich. Over the night the Cult of Ranald recovered Breda’s body from it’s torment and Arman attended the funeral in the morning. Most of the attendees where cult members but there was a few there he didn’t recognise (Herbert Lumpe and Sasha Van der Hausen). Kathrin Noller approached Arman afterwards and gave him a task, since he was due to be trained as an initiate under Albert Potz Kathrin decided Arman was ready for a greater responsibilities with the war on the Black Boys. Kathrin asked Arman to investigate monster sightings and missing people in the east end districts, Arman had heard the rumours before but had dismissed them as gang violence. Kathrin gave Arman a flier put out by a Dr Shulze (which Arman had seen before in the Frowning Fop) detailing a reward for sightings or the capturing of the beast.

Arman returned to Ralph’s inn and asked the whereabouts of Levi and Forrester. Ralph said he hadn’t seen them and Forrester missed his shift last night he was even more surprised to find out Yvonne Melski had been killed as he had seen her only three days earlier at Forrester’s fight (which was also the last time he had seen Lev and Forrester).

Arman visited Dr Shulze who figured out Arman was working for the Cult of Ranald. Dr Shulze supported the cult and showed him the bodies of the monster victims (which he had gained by hiring “specialised gentlemen” to “acquire them from their previous locale” ) which numered 8 in total. The majority of the bodies had been either crushed or gored and were missing their internal organs similar to what would happen when a wild animal feasts upon a carcass. Dr Shulze said there was one survivor however he was crazy and was afraid of him and his nurses (mainly because Dr Shulze liked to beat the insane patients with his belt for the fun of it) and he asked Arman to question him. Arman questioned the man and eventually the man confessed to seeing it near the open sewers in the Dreckslack Slums.

Arman relayed this information and Dr Shulze who offered for one of his workers by the name of Jens Voigt to accompany him in retrieving the monster.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 5
The traitor revealed

4.11.2522 – 6.11.2522

Arman’s Story

Casper Frenderich had gathered conclusive evidence against Nathaniel Spieler that he was the traitor. He gathered Arman and several other priests and laid a trap for Nathaniel. The group swiftly killed Nathaniel without questioning him, Arman thought that was odd but knew better than to question his superiors. The next day when delivered a message to Albert Potz who offered him tutelage in the ways of Ranald, Arman accepted as it was his life long dream of becoming a priest but Kathrin Noller would not teach him the aspect of the night prowler, Albert said Arman would be better suited to aspect of the Rogue as “not everyone is as fit as young Kathrin” he said with a chuckle.

Arman later met with Kathrin who sent him on an errand to deliver a message outside the city in one of the Ranald priest’s safe meeting outside of the city. Arman arrived there was was greeted by Casper and a group of Thugs. Casper said in Arman’s possession was the location of every priest of Ranald within the city and that Black Daddy would pay him well, he also laughed and said he was the traitor and all Arman had been doing this entire time was ratting out snitches in the Black Boys organisation and that they now hand next to the body of Breda in the Sindelfingen district. Casper was looking to replace the Priests of Ranald with his new order. He couldn’t see why Ranald should waist time on the poor and should only take for themselvesn, this way they would be as rich as kings because of it. Casper offered to take Arman in as his pupil, the first initiate under the High Priest of the New Cult of Ranald.

Before Arman could decline a rift opened beside him and Kathrin Noller, three Ranald battle priests and a Grey Wizard stepped out and fought the traitor and his minions. Both Arman and Kathrin were gravely wounded in the battle, Kathrin even losing an ear thanks to Casper’s lightning martial skills but they brought the villian down in the end and took him in for questioning. Kathrin promised the next night they would finally recover Breda’s body from it’s torment as with the traitor removed the priests of Ranald could move freely throughout the city without getting captured and killed.

Levi’s Story

It was the morning after Levi had poisoned Yvonne Melski and he was keen on visiting the inn and seeing if his dose was lethal. He had chosen a blend of nightshade and man-bane, one that would react slowly and leave no evidence and it had cost him a small fortune, now it was time to see if it was worth it. His plan was for Yvonne to die in the early morning while the pair was asleep and to have Forrester wake up to his dead partner, knowing full well what an idiot Forrester was he would call the guards and they would question him. Forrester was notoriously shady and always comes across and violent and stupid and he hoped the guards would blame him and arrest the fool. He would get his revenge for Ulrike’s death and the last of his pursuers lives in one final stroke, cold comfort for the love of his life was dead but revenge was a dish best served cold.

Levi talked to Ralph and found out his planned had worked perfectly. Forrester’s inconsistent and aggressive manner had led the guards to arrest him on suspicion of murder but that wasn’t enough, he needed to drive the blade home to make sure the thug was destined to get the chopping block. He disguised himself as a beggar and visited the watch station, he pretended to be a friend of Yvonne and defamed Forrester’s character. He said he was violent and that Yvonne was terrified of him, he also said the Forrester liked to hit her too and that if she’d leave him he’d kill her.

On his way home he bumped into Herschel, an old business acquaintance of his. In the past Levi would forge invoices in the various business he worked for and would pilfer shipments and sell it to Herschel and his business partner Gastonne. Levi said he was now in the position to do that again and Herschel invited him over to the office (which was Gastone’s home in the Bankberzeit).

Today was a good day.

Forrester’s Story

Forrester did not enjoy his time in jail, unlike last time he didn’t kill everyone in his cell. The guards leered at him but Forrester kept his rage in check, he knew the guards had it in for him and he didn’t kill Yvonne, she was fine last night. How did the best thing which had happened to him in two years wake up dead in his arms? Who did it? She was clearly poisoned, Forrester had seen this before but who would do it?

Forrester’s misery worsened when a prisoner was thrown into the cell beside him. Unfortunately for Forrester this man was once of the men who raped him earlier in the month, the man spent the next day or so taunting Forrester and a suggestive and visual manner. Later that day a guard came and said he was released. Curley along with four gang members were waiting for him, they were to take him to Black Daddy. Forrester realised this was it, Black Daddy knew he was back, knew he had failed and now Black Daddy was going to kill him. He tried to persuade Curley to let him go but Curley was afraid of what might happen, Black Daddy’s wrath was legendary and his own men were terrified of him.

Curley took him to the Black Boys headquarters in the Dreckslack Slums. Mustafa, a Southland Lieutenant dragged Forrester through the under tombs of the headquarters and threw Forrester to the feet of Black Daddy himself.

End Session

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 4
With friends like these.....

29.10.2522 – 3.11.2522

A knock at the door awoke the Shutzstaffel family, Arman answered it and was greeted by Kathrin Noller. Kathrin regretfully informed him that late last night that his girlfriend Breda was killed by gang members of the Black Boys. The gang had stripped and mutilated and nailed her body to the statue of Sigmar in the Sindelfingen district and have posted guards, Kathrin believed this to be a trap, should the Ranlad priests attempt to remove her they would be caught out in the open and slaughtered. Kathrin said it would be best if he avoided the place all together until the traitor was caught and they could safely attack without the chance of defeat. When asked if she knew who killed her she did not know, only that witnesses claimed they were Black Boys men under the command of Bumbtwe Gudaffe.

Forrester was feeling pleased with himself that morning, believing that Bubmtwe would leave him alone for a while he fenced the ring he recovered off the woman for a hefty sum and spent the day with Yvonne, attempting to calm her down from the previous nights events. Levi worked for Colonel Schnitzel and Arman gathered information for Casper. Casper believed the traitor to be Nathaniel Spieler, a minor priest of Ranald in the Suderich district. Arman was to deliver a message to Nathaniel and track the messenger which Nathaniel sent out in return, he did this over a period of several days revealing a series of potential informants, one of them was even a Black Boy gang member himself.

The night after Forrester killed Breda he boasted about “killing some bitch”, Arman was immediately suspicious, knowing Forrester’s Black Boy connections. Forrester told him to relax then Arman told him his girlfriend was killed by gang members and that they nailed her to a statue of Sigmar Forrester put two and two together and hastily changed the subject. Levi questioned Forrester about his time in the Black Boys and why did they meet him in Hemperbrook and he said he was on some mission for Black Daddy and that he had to capture some guy known as The Treasurer. Forrester didn’t know what he looked like, the two bounty hunters he went with did bet they were killed, one by the Treasurer himself in Nuln and the other in the mutant riots in Middenheim (See the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim”) he was on his way back to report his failure but took his time as he knew Black Daddy would kill those who failed him. No-one noticed Levi’s expression darken upon hearing this news.

Levi waited the days until his fiancee Ulrike returned. On the day she was due back there was knock at the door. Levi was greeted by a priest of Ranald by the name of Kathrin Noller Kathrin informed Levi and Herbert that Ulrike was never volunteering for the cult of Shallya and for the past three years was training under her as an initiate of Ranald. She told them that several days ago Ulrike was killed by the Black Boys and that they have not been able to recover her body as they are holding it as a ransom of sorts. Levi recalled Forrester and Arman’s conversation earlier in the week and seethed with rage. Ulrike was Breda, Arman’s girlfriend and she was killed by Forrester. Levi left the house and prepared his revenge.

Several days later Forrester had his next fight. Arman, Clarimond and Alfonse (Some of Arman’s brothers and sisters), yvonne, and Levi went and watched the fight. Levi slipped a lethal dose of slow acting poison into Yvonne’s drink and the group split up and went to their respective lodgings after Forrester’s win. The next morning Forrester woke up beside Yvonne and to his horror found her dead. He called the watch and they questioned him, and after some non convincing and sketchy answers from the grievous man he was promptly arrested for suspicion of murder and thrown into jail.


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